Women*s Center

The Women*s Center was founded in 1971 by some of the Princeton’s first undergraduate women. Today, it resides in the Frist Campus Center and is known as the Gender +Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC), staffed by a full-time assistant dean/director, assistant director, and tow program coordinators, as well as by student workers. Building upon a legacy of fierce activism and advocacy, the Center incorporates a commitment to inclusive and intersectional feminism: an approach that centers equity and racial justice, particularly for people of marginalized identities.

An asterisk within or next to a word can indicate that there’s something more to learn. It may signify an omission, a caveat, or might direct the reader to additional information. The Center has replaced its apostrophe with an asterisk to suggest that we are much more than our name implies: the Center is not just for women nor is it just about women. Instead, the Center welcomes and engages persons of all genders, including genderqueer, nonconforming, transgender folks, and cisgender men.

The Women*s Center’s activities are organized around six themes: developing leadership, promoting holistic health, building community, mentoring and empowering, advocating for students, and educating and training.

Through workshops, mentorship programs, engagement with the arts, and speaker and discussion series, the Center engages students and other members of the University community in dialogue about and analysis of the role gender plays in shaping all of our lives. The Center’s staff strives to support its constituents in recognizing systems that reproduce inequity in the present while working to create a more just future.

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Princeton women's history display

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