Why We Do This Work

ODI staff

Photo by Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy

Photo of Eric Anglero, Program Coordinator

Photo by Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy

"I do this work to make sure students’ sexual and gender identities are validated in a place where they were, and still are, excluded. The work of the Campus Life Diversity and Inclusion team ensures that identities across race, gender, disability, sexuality, spirituality, socioeconomics, and others are centered and uplifted." — Eric Anglero, Program Coordinator

Photo of LaTanya Buck, Dean for Diversity & Inclusion

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“I do this work because I want to be what I needed. I believe that students should have voice and agency and be fully supported, empowered, encouraged, and acknowledged for who they are. No matter the background, experience, or story, I want students to know that they matter and add value to their institutions and communities at-large. I am impassioned about issues of access, opportunity, and equity for historically marginalized communities and diversity education for all students and those who serve them. I do this work, not merely as a role or position, but as a responsibility.” — LaTanya N. Buck, Ph.D., Dean

Image of Grace Davis coming soon"I do this work because it is important to have a space where you can critically talk about gender and how it plays out amongst other identities.  I want to provide support to students by creating spaces and programming that helps them learn, feel seen and valued on campus, and to be a resource." — Grace Davis, Program Coordinator

Brighid Dwyer

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“I come from a community where diversity was the air I breathed. The friends I called family were people with different abilities, religions, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. We talked proudly about our differences. Our genuine curiosity brought us together and our commitment to explore and learn from one another kept us connected. When I was older and learned this was not everyone’s norm, I wanted to be someone that connected people to one another and helped those underrepresented in higher education find their place and find success.” — Brighid M. Dwyer, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Photo of Tennille Haynes, Director for the Carl A. Fields Center

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"I do this work because it is critical. As a first-generation woman of color, I wholeheartedly believe in creating positive and welcoming experiences for underrepresented students as this is vital to their success. They need support, care, and acknowledgment and my goal is to make sure they receive this. Collectively our team works to make sure there is not only diversity and inclusion but equity in those experiences." — Tennille Haynes, Director

Photo of Racheal Jones, Assistant to the Dean for Diversity & Inclusion

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“I believe in providing students with the essential intellectual skills, intercultural capacities and a degree of civic understanding to help them thrive as a student and continue to grow through all future endeavors. ‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)” — Racheal L. Jones, Assistant to the Dean

Photo of Jes L. Norman, Program Coordinator for Carl A. Fields Center

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"I want to provide support and share resources that were imparted to me from students and mentors as I entered college a first-gen student with many marginalized identities and no concept of what the experience or potential barriers would be." — Jes L. Norman, Program Coordinator

Photo of Victoria Yu, Program Coordinator for the Carl A. Fields Center

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"I am passionate about supporting students, creating intentional spaces, and building developmental experiences that positively impact students of diverse backgrounds and foster a sense of belonging." — Victoria Yu, Program Coordinator