Campus Life Statement on Diversity

In Campus Life, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our collective work. We support co-curricular experiences for undergraduate and graduate students and ensure that the diversity of all of our students – their identities, backgrounds, experiences, voices, and perspectives – are intentionally woven throughout the Princeton experience. Providing access to opportunities and resources and equity of experience for students is essential to our mission.

Distinctive and meaningful learning happens outside of the classroom. We are committed to actively engaging students and encouraging them to engage one another, to strengthen their sense of belonging to the Princeton community, and to enrich their experience and growth. We are equally committed to engaging students in learning opportunities that explore aspects of identity and difference while both affirming and challenging them in their development. We do this in collaboration with campus partners within and outside of Campus Life.

Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life"Diversity, inclusion, and identity exploration are intentionally embedded throughout Campus Life. We thoughtfully support and challenge students in ways that honor their many identities, and our staff engages in intersectional and collaborative programs that represent the range of our students’ experiences. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion works to advance these efforts and engages all of Campus Life—students and staff as a community of committed practitioners.”  — W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life